Australian opals direct from
the mines in Australia

Shipping rates for Export around the world:

When using the Add to Cart buttons:

Based on a maximum weight of the order of 400 grams
and a maximum weight of the packed parcel of 500 grams:
Up to $84.99 USD>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $32.50 USD
From $85.00 USD    up to   $ 169.99 USD>>>>>>>  $35.00 USD
From $170.00 USD  up to   $ 254.99 USD>>>>>>>  $37.50 USD
From $255.00 USD  up to   $ 339.99 USD>>>>>>>  $40.00 USD
From $340.00 USD up to  $ 424.99 USD >>>>>>>>  $42.50 USD

The "Buy Now" button is used when:

- the item value is higher than $429.99 USD - or the item is very heavy and the total parcel weight will be over 500 grams.
- and the shipping rates in each or both instances will be higher.
If you make 2 or more separate orders to be sent together in one parcel,
the amount of the refund of the overpaid freight charges will be based
both on the total value of the orders and the total weight of the parcel.
The buttons "Add to cart" and the buttons "Buy Now" are independent of each other.
Items can be added when using "Add to cart" and the shipping costs are calculated at the end, based on the above scale.
Items with "Buy Now" have the shipping costs already calculated for the particular item.
If you are using "Add to cart" and then "Buy Now" (and vice versa), shipping costs will be added separatly (twice)).
In this case, we will refund you the overpaid shipping costs based on the total weight and total value of the orders.

Or, if you prefer, let us know which items you want to purchase ( wether it is a combination of items with the "Add to cart button" plus an item with the "Buy now" button, or 2 or more items with the "Buy now" button, and we will send you an invoice and paiement request with Paypal with the correct amount of the shipping cost.

We are PayPal Verified and We accept payments by card or bank account, securely with PayPal.

If you prefer to pay by direct bank transfer, please let us know with the reference of your chosen items.
We will then send you our invoice together with our bank coordinates.

Shipping charges are calculated at the checkout.
We recommend that you group your purchases to minimise the impact of shipping cost.
We ship around the world, by Air Mail with tracking, insured for the full value of your order, with Australia Post. within 2 working days after receiving your payment.
This method is very economical compared to others (1/2 the cost at least) and very reliable:
The parcel is scanned at our local post office where it is lodged, when it is leaving Australia and when it arrives in the country of destination.
The parcel can be followed online on the Australia Post website
and in most countries, on their local post office website.
Australian residents orders are sent by Registered Mail; as the shopping cart is set up with overseas postage charges, the excess postage paid will be refunded.
Delivery time from Australia to overseas destination is between 10 to 25 working days.
Some delivery delay can be expected because of week ends, holidays, bad weather or strikes.

As soon as your order is shipped, we will advise you by Email together with your parcel tracking number.